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Pitcher With 14K Gold Striped Design

Pitcher With 14K Gold Striped Design


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A delicate sculpt defines this elegant pitcher. Graced with a 14K stripe in the center of its body, this swan pitcher accessorizes a beautifully set table by providing chic and sophistication. Pouring from this beatifically designed piece is not only an act of elegance. The sculpt of it is scientifically designed so there is mess-free pouring. The spout acts as a width reducer of the fast flowing beverage inside, causing the beverage to flow out smoothly and in a narrow path. Aside for its practical values, this piece also provides aesthetic values while in use. Classic Touch sells coordinating glasses of this pitcher. Dimensions- 13" H , Fills 42 oz.

Short Description
Pitcher With 14K Gold Striped Design
  • Height 13
  • Material/Finish Glass
  • Color Clear